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Assemble an effective deck in just 5 minutes and

start winning in HearthStone today.

DeckHunter will help to select the deck to be successful in the ladder, given existing cards and determine the best possible substitute for any missing card.

The site contains the best decks that you can use in the ladder. If you want to know what deck can collect, you need to log in on the website, keep the existing card in the collection and will tell you the best decks to play.

To save the collection and analyze cards you need to be authorized (no mail confirmation is required).

How it works

Tools storage collection
Save your cards once and then only update the collection.
The choice of parameters for the analysis of cards
Determine what result you want to obtain.
Getting results selection of decks
Check out the results of the automatic analysis of your cards.

Top 4 decks in standard mode

Rogue big

Latest project news

В коллекцию добавлены карты Рыцарей Ледяной Трона


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